What People Are Thinking About Holiday in Costa De La Luz?

If you are planning to enjoy your next vacations in Spain, take a look at the hidden gems of Spain. Costa de la Luz is known for its tranquil villages and simple white sand beaches. It is a beautiful resort that faces the Atlantic on the south-western coast and offers a relaxed way of life without much crowd of visitors. This part of Spain extends over 200 kilometers and there are many coves and sandy beaches to explore.

The name Costa de Luz means ‘Coast of Light’ because the sand is of a golden color. Some of the beaches are nestled between verdant pine trees and sand dunes. The weather is gorgeous and does not go above thirty degrees in the summer. Costa de Luz has a wide spread of unspoiled beaches, dunes, and wetlands. Some are accessible on foot so that visitors can spot some rare species of birds and enjoy nature. If you are a true nature lover, you will love to visit the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park which is one of the most popular parks of Andalucía. There are many other beautiful natural parks to explore for the nature lovers.

Costa de Luz is also a perfect place to enjoy for the beach lovers. Cadiz is one of the topmost beaches in Spain. The beach has golden white sand. The food in Costa de Luz has a Spanish feel and offers a wide variety. Many resorts in Costa de Luz are full to their capacity. Some of the popular cuisines to enjoy include spider crabs, squid, langoustines, and sun-dried tuna. There are a number of restaurants in Costa de Luz to satisfy the different tastes of the visitors.

Costa de Luz is also known for its vibrant nightlife. There are a few clubs that are open till late at night. If you want to enjoy lively nightlife, you should visit Punta Umbria which is one of the best-known clubs in the town.

It is also an ideal place to enjoy with families and children of all ages. The resort beaches offer endless opportunities for fun and family activities. If you want to enjoy beach based activities, there are many options such as swimming, sunbathing, paddling, and enjoying a horse riding along the shoreline. If you love adventure, you can visit the Entre Ramas Aventura. It is a treetop adventure course with ropes and wooden walkways.

Costa de Luz has a traditional lifestyle and culture. There are a few high-rise buildings. People enjoy romantic strolls along the sand dunes. If you visit Chiclana de la Frontera, it is the best fusion of the laid back Andalusia lifestyle and resort style amenities. It is the best place to enjoy a few glasses of Barbadillo, local wine and relaxing by the clear waters of the sea. There are a number of festivals and cultural events that take place throughout the year in Costa de Luz. You can soak yourself in the culture and have a lot of fun and entertainment with your family when you visit this place.