Understand Life: The Coolest Tool Numerology

One day I was listening to an interview where a lady was talking about how she had her first contact with numerology, about her skepticism and how a friend had gifted her the first consultation with a professional, knowing that otherwise she wouldn’t have went. This was her first encounter with numerology, which she embraced and became a numerologist herself. This is Michelle Buchanan. She sounded like a down to earth person, with a balanced approach. She also reached towards getting the insight and clarity from what numbers are saying but also advised to use your judgement and free will to make decisions for yourself.

So what is numerology? It is not that woo-woo semi-witchy dark art that I’ve been led to – superficially – believe it is. It has developed in several cultures of the world, among them in China and in Ancient Greece. One of the best known systems (the Western one) was developed by Pythagoras, which was one of the greatest mathematicians in history (I’m sure you heard of him!). So it was a genius who “translated” the vibration of numbers into words, so he could pass the wisdom further to the other generations.

Before I go any further, I want to put here my conclusion: Numerology is a tool. A great one! One of the most precise tool to understand life, why we are how we are and it helps us understand our own intricacy, in a structured matter. For all the left brainers out there, it is the best thing I’ve met so far. It puts our psychological complexity into something easy to follow and explain, into a system. It’s output is similar with that of astrology – but with less poetry and less room for interpretation, rather more applied information.

But just like all tools, it won’t do your job. It is just a means through which you know yourself and helps you make better decisions for your life. But you don’t read a numerology report, have a few Aha!s and by the end of the analysis all your problems are gone. No, not that. Having a tool is not the same with having applied it to your situation – that is up to you!

I read Michelle’s “The numerology Guidebook”, one of the books she wrote on this topic. This is how I learned how you can calculate your numbers and get clarity and insight for your own life and also the life of your loved ones. In fact, you can calculate and read insights about anyone significant to you, you just need to know their birth date and their name.

Imagine how you could apply this to your daily life!

Let’s say you have a new boss, and you want to understand more of how he thinks, what might be their “set-up” for this lifetime. Wouldn’t that be a good starting point to know how to approach them? Or a new person you’re dating, wouldn’t it be awesome to go through information about what motivates him or her, what is the life mission, what are their talents… at least, you will find which are your common interests.

How about raising your child more attuned to his real needs? Would you like that? Well, you can. You can easily find what you little one came in this lifetime to do, what are his big lessons, challenges and opportunities. Also, his strengths and weaknesses. You will understand how you can help him, what experiences to put forth and (I know this is big for parents) what interests to encourage him to pursue!

I will conclude by saying that numerology offers tools for understanding our present and our future, but again: it won’t do your job. It won’t work on your behalf, it will not improve you. You can find what is it you are more likely to be successful at in the coming months or years. But all that not in a “you will get rich quick” kind of way. Rather, it refers to your cycles of growth and learning, and what you would be most successful doing during that time.