Ted Cruz Just Refused To Back Down – He Wants A New Investigation Into Machines Vote-Switching From Trump To Biden

What’s going on:

In the same way as other top Republicans, Sen. Ted Cruz is joining the battle to help get a reasonable and legitimate political race result.

President Trump will not surrender without proof that all lawful votes have been checked—and anything short of lawful is found.

The media continues asserting there is “no” proof anything distantly wrong occurred. However, Americans aren’t getting it. Additional concerning reports are coming out, including a declaration from witnesses.

What’s more, Cruz is requesting an examination to ensure votes from a key region were checked right:

Ted Cruz is addressing political race programming utilized in Michigan that had a “glitch” that exchanged a huge number of decisions in favor of Trump to Biden.

While that slip-up was gotten and fixed, Cruz says this equivalent programming is utilized in the remainder of the state (and different states). He is requesting that there be an “assessment” to guarantee comparative glitches have influenced the result of the political decision.

However, the media keeps on imagining that these worries—from top pioneers—are all nonsense.

They probably overlooked the 2000 Election. In those days, Al Gore requested a relation of only one state: Florida.

The media made every effort to oblige him, declining to call the political decision even as the cycle hauled out for a month.

Yet, today, the media can hardly wait half a month for examinations, relates, and claims to play out? It is safe to say that they are so persuaded the political decision is settled… or do they simply need traditionalists to surrender?

There’s a notable Robin Williams film where he’s chosen president over a PC “glitch.” Do we need something very similar to occur, in actuality—since somebody more awful than a joke artist may wind up in the Oval Office!

Envision if the situation was reversed—and Biden was requesting relates and claims? Do you think the media (even Fox News) would rush to excuse his interests and call the race for Trump?

I think you know the response to that.

Ought to there be an open, public review of this product and the remainder of our democratic frameworks?

Key Takeaways:

Ted Cruz is requesting an assessment of programming that glitched in the territory of Michigan.

In one occurrence, the product improperly ascribed a great many decisions in favor of Biden rather than Trump.

The traditional press keeps on disregarding tenable worries over the political decision.

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