Senate Democrats Just Turned On Chuck Schumer – He Gets Grilled In Conference Call Over Failure To Take Senate

What’s going on:

The 2020 Election was Chuck Schumer’s opportunity of a lifetime to win back the Senate for the left. In any case, that didn’t occur.

Indeed, even with two races left to spillovers in January, the best they’ll do is a 50/50 split, a long way from what they were trusting.

Conservatives had more seats to safeguard and many would have been close races. Yet, Democrats mishandled the ball.

They burned through many millions to unseat regarded and achieved Republicans like McConnell and Graham—who won via avalanches.

Indeed, even in close races, Republicans were clear victors. Along these lines, Senate Democrats gave Schumer a really difficult time:

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) is in listening mode as partners are venting their mistake over missing the mark indeed of winning back the Senate lion’s share…

So numerous Democratic legislators needed to stand up during a week ago’s call that Schumer planned an uncommon Sunday telephone call to allow them another opportunity to unburden themselves.

Ouch. Senate Democrats needed to gripe such a great amount to Schumer he needed to plan a subsequent call to allow them to cry.

They were so sure they’d win a lion’s share in the Senate and power their extreme plan. All things being equal, they thought of a huge goose egg.

Truth be told, a few races that seemed like simple triumphs, (for example, unseating Sen. Collins) as indicated by the surveys ended up being significant surprises.

I can’t help thinking about what turned out badly? All things considered, tuning in to the surveys was their first issue. Their second was supporting an extreme plan that a couple of Americans need.

The third, I surmise, was confiding in a man like Schumer who—like Pelosi—won’t work or help out his Republican partners.

Over and over, Democrats have opportunities to set aside governmental issues and do what is best for Americans. Furthermore, obviously—they put their desire for control over the benefit of the nation.

We’re not under any condition shocked they lost.

Key Takeaways:

Leftists squandered millions attempting to win back the Senate.

A significant number of them griped to Schumer, reprimanding him for their misfortunes.

They spent over $100 million in more than one race, just to lose to top Republicans.

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