Joe Biden Should Be Getting Nervous – The FBI Just Requested An Interview With Hunter Partner Bobulinski

What’s going on:

Joe Biden may think the Hunter stunner story is securely covered.

All things considered, the MSM has put forth a valiant effort to hide it away from plain view.

However, that doesn’t appear to be the situation. Indeed, things are warming up, bigly.

Tracker’s previous accomplice, Tony Bobulinksi, arose to give archives that appear to back up what was on the laptop.]

He has even offered to meet with the FBI to disclose to them all that he knows.

Tragically for Joe, it would appear that the FIB is taking him up on his offer:

The FBI has consented to talk with previous Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski, Bobulinski’s legal counselors told the Senate Homeland Security Committee, which delivered an articulation Friday.

The FBI has asked Bobulinski, who went on the record Thursday to blame previous Vice President Joe Biden for lying about his association with his child’s professional interactions, to turn over duplicates of his telephones, as indicated by the board.

The FBI will talk with Bobulinski, taking his declaration over the supposed demonstrations of defiling by Joe Biden and his child, Hunter.

Bobulinski recently submitted reports to the Senate—and the media—that appear to substantiate the messages found on the notorious PC.

Something he’s affirmed was the “Large person” email—which proposes Joe Biden was getting payouts from China, while he was haggling with them.

On the off chance that the FBI takes care of its responsibility, we may be learning some stunning things in the coming days or weeks.

The FBI has had a pretty helpless history in exploring debasement by legislators. We as a whole recall how they dropped Hillary Clinton’s email examination—even after they conceded what she did was unlawful.

We’ve likewise learned as of late how the FBI has known about a wide range of things identified with Democrat defilement.

Be that as it may, have we seen captures? Prosecutions? No, however, they raged the home of an older Trump partner named Roger Stone—over false charges!

Numerous individuals wonder about the dependability of the FBI even now, under Trump. Maybe we’ll possibly observe equity when Attorney General Barr steps in.

Up to that point, we’ll stand by to discover what Bobulinksi needs to state.

Key Takeaways:

Previous Biden accomplice Bobulinski will be met by the FBI.

The man guarantees the PC messages are genuine and that the Bidens are degenerate.

The FBI presently can’t seem to verify or refute they are directing an examination.

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