Joe Biden Breaks Down On Live TV – Video Shows Joe Losing It When His Teleprompter Seems To Quit On Him

What’s going on:

Did you figure Joe Biden would out of nowhere become reasonable, post-Election?

Indeed, he had the option to stow away in his cellar during the mission. Yet, in the event that he becomes president, there’s no concealing him, and any issues he may have had the option to hide.

While the political decision fight keeps on being battled in the courts, Biden is attempting to act like the “duly elected president.” But it’s not working out in a good way.

He attempted to give a discourse as of late. It was only a straightforward appearance. Yet, this is the thing that happened when the elevated monitor appears to have solidified up:

It would appear that Joe Biden’s monitor fizzled and his cerebrum failed once more.

Seems like the purported “Office of the President-Elect” couldn’t get the elderly person a working elevated screen. At the point when his screen obviously solidified up, Joe Biden couldn’t complete his idea.

You’d think they’d in any event give him a form of the discourse printed out or something.

I don’t think about you, yet doesn’t Joe look much more seasoned from when we saw him last? It’s just been up to 14 days since his last appearance—and he appears to have matured years.

That is not even the most concerning issue. He was continuing forever about subsidizing for the National Guard, a pretty basic issue. However, he was unable to try and keep his words straight.

That doesn’t look good for this nation on the off chance that he winds up being the victor.

Minutes like this solitary further cast the political decision into question. Donald Trump got a greater number of votes than any sitting president ever. However Joe Biden some way or another had the option to get significantly more, particularly in swing states.

Significantly more than darling Democrat Barack Obama. Take a gander at the man once more—does that appear ok to you?

Do you truly accept that numerous individuals would run to the surveys to decide in favor of a man who can’t complete a sentence?

Maybe we should all be requesting examinations and claims?

Key Takeaways:

Joe Biden gave a discourse about the National Guard as “president-elect.”

Not long after the elevated screen solidified, Biden couldn’t complete his assertion.

The man’s psychological state shows up much more disintegrated than any other time.

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