FIGS – A magnificent wellspring of vitality


This delectable natural product is utilized for treatment of the skin, zits and also for preventing the appearance of different kinds of diseases and heart assaults. It is likewise a magnificent wellspring of vitality. It would be the most convenient to consume this fruit when juicy rather when it’s dry and crispy.

Figs are wealthy with beta-carotene, A, C, E and K vitamins, calcium and different minerals. We give you 14 reasons why you should include the figs in your daily nutrition.

  1. Malignancy efficiency

According to Japanese research demonstrates, the compound named benzaldehyde that is contained in the figs lessens the danger of tumor expansion in the organism. They claim that figs have a hostile attitude against the growth properties of the prostate malignancy. Moreover, figs are a great ally in the battle against bosom malignancy amid menopause.

  • Defeat the infections

Figs are asserted to be very helpful in the treatment of bronchial aggravation. They are rich with water and regular sugars, which is exceptionally helpful for recuperation from depletion and detoxification. Figure also posses sterile and disinfectant effects.

  • Helpful in the treatment of hypertension

Figs are rich with omega 3 and omega 6, which are fundamental for the wellbeing of veins. Additionally, because of the potassium figs are “capable” to regulate the pulse.

  • Curative for the  stomach

It is confirmed that figs have a purgative impact. Additionally, figs are utilized as a characteristic solution for ulcers and gastritis. In addition, this natural product can lessen the bloating in the stomach, enhance digestive system’s work and alleviate stomach spasms, pulverize the intestinal worms and other intestinal parasites. This fruit lessens the requirement for diuretics and doesn’t provoke any kinds of intestinal issues.

The figs reduce the elevated level of cholesterol in the blood and with that protect the cardiovascular system.

  • Helpful in the treatment of diabetes

This fruit is wealthy with carbohydrates, so people suffering from diabetes need to be careful when it comes to the amount they are consuming. However they can decrease the need for the hormone insulin.

  • Enhance the memory

You can avoid the appearance of tiredness and enhance your memory with the consummation of figs.

  • Cure the hemorrhoids

The regular consummation of figs can help you get rid of the hemorrhoids.

  • Excellent for the skin

If you suffer from maladies as ulcers, you should try to place heated figs on your skin.

  1. Cleanse the skin

Your skin will be brighter and shinier when consuming them.

  1. Replacement for dairy products

Because they contain a high amount of calcium, the can be an excellent replacement for dairy products.

  1. Help you get in shape

Figs contain more fiber than some other groceries grown from the ground. They are consisted of lots of water therefore makes them a great ally in the process of losing weight.

  1. Helpful for the health of the bones

As we said before, they are wealthy with calcium, a mineral that is fundamental for the wellbeing of the bones. They are especially helpful for the youngsters, pregnant women and women in menopause. You can eat them juicy or dried.

  1. Helpful when having sleep disorders

The compound named tryptophan that is consisted in the figs can be used for treating sleep disorders and rest issues. It is also helpful in the fight against dejection and has a good influence on the sensory system.