Did A Deadly Pill Addiction Kill Lucille Ball

Fans were shattered and stunned when on the morning of April 26th, 1989, Lucille Ball kicked died of a burst aorta at age 77. The adored I Love Lucy on-screen character who enchanted the world with her brassy parody, flawless appearance, and on-screen ability was observably sound in the days paving the way to her abrupt passing. However, was a poisonous propensity to fault for her sudden passing? REELZ’s new docuseries, Autopsy: Lucille Ball, uncovers new subtleties.

“I can see from personal testimonies that Lucille has prescribed the drug Dexedrine. This is a powerful stimulant and can be highly addictive. Dexedrine is an amphetamine, also known as speed or uppers or pep pills,” says forensic pathologist, Dr. Michael Hunter in the show.

With a youthful family to think about and an unimaginable work routine, it appears Ball felt she required some assistance to keep up.

“Really surprising to find a Dexedrine pillbox in her medicine cabinet, but there it was!” remembers Ball’s previous friend, Paula Stewart

The pills were promptly accessible and would’ve enabled all her up with her bustling timetable.

“I think we need to remember where this woman came from. She was so poor that ‘Nothing’s secure. So I need to be able to control as much as I can what’s around me because actually it feels very precarious.’ And so we begin to see kind of a very strong worth ethic developing in her from quite a young age,” says clinician Dr. Linda Papadopoulos.

“If Lucille was addicted to Dexedrine, this would’ve had a significant impact on her heart by artificially speeding it up, which could’ve effectively worn it out. I wonder did Dexedrine push her towards the catastrophic aortic rupture that led to her death,” includes Hunter.