Bombshell Report: Joe Biden’s Son Took A Bribe From A Chinese Businessman

When it rains, it pours and Joe Biden must feel like he’s been stranded in a thunderstorm without an umbrella due to more bad news; this time about his scoundrel son.

The former Vice President’s 2020 campaign is in freefall after his dismal performance at last week’s Democrat debate where he was flayed alive by Kamala Harris. Failing to fight back after getting accused of being a racist on national television, lunchbucket Joe has dropped in polls and seen big donors fleeing like rats off a sinking ship.

Now a new bombshell report details more questionable activity by Hunter Biden, the geriatric candidate’s cokehead son who will be the proverbial gift that keeps on giving to his opponents for as long as the old man is able to stay in the race.

According to the ultra-liberal New Yorker, the younger Biden appears to have accepted bribes from a Chinese energy magnate including “a large diamond” worth around eighty thousand dollars.

The New Yorker article described some of the issues Hunter faces that have been previously reported by The Daily Wire, including his contract with Chinese businessmen that came shortly after he traveled to Beijing with his father on official business while still vice president.

Deep within the article lies a section about Hunter’s dealings with Chinese energy tycoon Ye Jianming. As the New Yorker’s Adam Entous wrote, “a large diamond” was referenced in one of Kathleen Biden’s (Hunter’s ex-wife) motions during their divorce. This diamond was given to Hunter by Ye after the two met sometime after President Barack Obama left office. Hunter told Entous that he and two associates met with Ye in Miami and gifted him a bottle of Scotch “worth thousands of dollars.”

“Hunter told Entous he was trying to get a large donation from Ye for the World Food Program USA, on whose board he sat. Over dinner, the two discussed the donation and business opportunities. Ye wanted to invest in liquefied-natural-gas projects in the U.S. and wanted Hunter to help him make connections. After the dinner, Hunter was given the diamond.”

Son of Biden has already come under scrutiny for his appointment to the board of Ukrainian-based Burisma Holdings, a gig for which he had no qualification for other than his famous father and one which has elicited recent scrutiny over possible corrupt activity.

But this is even worse and involves perhaps America’s greatest adversary, a human rights abusing authoritarian state which lunchbucket Joe has been accommodating for in his comments.

Additional details according to the New Yorker:

“After the dinner, He sent a 2.8-carat diamond to Hunter’s hotel room with a card thanking him for their meeting. “I was, like, Oh, my God,” Hunter said. (In Kathleen’s court motion, the diamond is estimated to be worth eighty thousand dollars. Hunter said he believes the value is closer to ten thousand.) When I asked him if he thought the diamond was intended as a bribe, he said no: “What would they be bribing me for? My dad wasn’t in office.” Hunter said that he gave the diamond to his associates, and doesn’t know what they did with it. “I knew it wasn’t a good idea to take it. I just felt like it was weird,”

Not quite as serious but also damning is Hunter Biden’s admission that his sleazy tryst with his dead brother’s widow came during a harrowing crack binge that was chronicled by the New Yorker:

Hunter stayed in Los Angeles for about a week. He said that he “needed a way to forget,” and that, soon after his arrival in L.A., he asked a homeless man in Pershing Square where he could buy crack. Hunter said that the man took him to a nearby homeless encampment, where, in a narrow passageway between tents, someone put a gun to his head before realizing that he was a buyer. He returned to buy more crack a few times that week.

One night, outside a club on Hollywood Boulevard, Hunter and another man got into an argument, and a group of bouncers intervened. A friend of one of the bouncers, a Samoan man who went by the nickname Baby Down, felt sorry for Hunter and took him to Mel’s Drive-In to get some food, and to his hotel to pick up his belongings. Early on the morning of October 26th, Baby Down dropped Hunter off at the Hertz rental office at Los Angeles International Airport.

Hunter said that, at that point, he had not slept for several days. Driving east on Interstate 10, just beyond Palm Springs, he lost control of his car, which jumped the median and skidded to a stop on the shoulder of the westbound side.

“He called Hertz, which came to collect the damaged car and gave him a second rental. Later, on a sharp bend on a mountainous road, Hunter recalled, a large barn owl flew over the hood of the car and then seemed to follow him, dropping in front of the headlights. He said that he has no idea whether the owl was real or a hallucination.

Now THAT is one hell of a story…

Biden’s campaign is now all but on life support and with donors pulling the plug it’s time to call a priest to administer last rites.