Bill Maher Unloads On Far Left Dems For ‘Blowing’ Their Chance To Beat Trump

Democrats only have two debates under their belt but it has already been enough to set off panic alarms with the celebrity anti-Trump resistance.

To say that the 2020 field has been even more extreme than anticipated is a huge understatement and following round two, some like porcine filmmaker Michael Moore are already pleading for Michelle Obama to enter the race because none of the clowns onstage have a shot against President Trump.

The latest canary in the coal mine is HBO’s smarmy host Bill Maher who blasted the Democrats for “blowing it” during this week’s edition of “Real Time With Bill Maher.” This shows that the celebs already have jitters that there could be a sequel to the worst day of their lives after Trump upset the heavily favored Clinton machine in 2016.

Maher – who has at times risked the wrath of the cult of woke Twitter – called out the entire field for their sprint to the extreme left in an effort to appeal to the craziest elements of the base while at the same time, alienating millions of crucial moderates and swing voters with their fanaticism.