5 Secrets You Never Knew About Lucille And Desi’s Marriage

In spite of the fact that I Love Lucy never left TV audiences short on chuckles, it was really open information the show’s two stars didn’t lead such a sensational life off-camera. While there’s no denying Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz adored one another, there were consistent murmurs their marriage was definitely more wild than their hit sitcom at any point delineated. In a 1991 issue, People Magazine talked with some of Ball and Arnaz’s nearby colleagues about their off-camera issues. Here are 5 insider facts you never thought about their relationship.

  • They were at that point ‘separated’ when the show began

At the point when the thought for I Love Lucy worked out as expected, the married duo was at that point living two extremely separate lives — Ball was a rising star while Arnaz was continually going with his band. “That’s the kind of marriage that has failure written all over it,” I Love Lucy executive William Asher told People. “You’re separated a while, and before you know it. those giblets begin to jump.”

  • Ball always knew about Desi’s unfaithfulness

Lucy’s long-term marketing expert Charles Pomerantz enlightened People concerning a period Ball grabbed a magazine with an article about her husband’s womanizing before withdrawing to her dressing room to read it. “Everybody was frozen on the set,” he recalled. “She finally came out, tossed the magazine to Desi and said, ‘Oh, hell, I could tell them worse than that.’”

  • Ball and Arnaz had separate bedrooms

Child entertainer Keith Thibodeaux, who played Little Ricky on I Love Lucy, remembered the Lucy and Desi didn’t sleep in a similar room at their Beverly Hills home close to the finish of their marriage. “Once, at their home in Palm Springs, she told her chauffeur to drive her down to the Indian Wells Country Club,” he recalled to People. “She went to the lounge to have a drink, and Desi walked in with a couple of women on his arm. When he saw Lucy at the bar, he turned around and took off.”

  • The couple attempted to divorce from numerous occasions

Truth be told, Lucy and Desi apparently attempted to get separated even before I Love Lucy began shooting since they hung out. They nearly got divorced from two or three different occasions during the 1950s, yet it didn’t occur. “They had tried like three times to get a divorce, but Lucy had always stopped it,” Winograd told People. “Finally she planned to move to Switzerland, take her kids and get out of Hollywood.” Ball, of course, stayed in New York to do Broadway — where she met her second husband, Gary Morton.

  • Through the entirety of their problems and troubles, they were still enamored until the end

In spite of the fact that their marriage was overflowing with disturbance, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz propped their relationship up, considerably in the wake of getting divorced, on the grounds that dear companions believe they really were always in love. “Maybe I’m the romantic, but there was a great, great love there, there really was,” Asher told People. “Desi was very unhappy about the breakup, and I think she was too. I don’t think either one of them ever got over it.”